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Start collaboration Save initial content The content of the tool will saved as initial content for the students Auto load latest document The latest saved document will be loaded at startup Auto save Changes will be automatically saved Close Individual/Collaborative Select if and when the collaboration is started Individual User decides Collaborative Show the clicks Show the clicks of the mouse Show the chat Show the chat option in the dock Show the dock Show the collaboration dock Show the cursors Show the cursors of other group members Expect group state resource An error message will be shown, when no group state resource is found Debug collaboration Turn on or off the debug options of the collaboration Use peer feedback Allow the student to ask peer feedback Allow withdrawing of requests Allow the student to withdraw the peer feedback request Show feedback notifications Show notification alerts when feedback is assigned or ready Verify log actions Verify the completeness of the log actions (only working in debug versions) Debug options Default name The default name of the document {0} Help Hide options May not hide options because of selection Load initial content The saved initial content will be the initial content for the students Save as By showing the "Save as" and "Open" buttons, the students can work with multiple documents Add name Move selected name down Move selected name up Delete selected name Special language terms Edit configuration Resource options Import/export buttons Show import/export buttons Configuration button Show the open configuration dialog button Load examples buttons Show load examples buttons Model json button Show model json button Show name Show the document name in the title bar Show options Use my own tool help Show the my own tool help to students Use standard tool help Show the standard tool help to students Peer feedback options Explanation for student The explanation will be shown to the student Criteria Type Text 3 smileys 5 smileys Required The student must enter feedback Show comment Let the student fill in comment Initial comment The initial content of the comment Minimum nr of words in comment The minimum number of words required in the comment Custom container title Use the custom title in the container header Built at {0} Help Show help Tools Erase content of {0} Load configuration for the {0} Delete {0} Cancel Delete Delete {0}? Are you sure you want to delete this {0}? Cancel Erase content? Erase Are you sure you want to erase the content of this {0}? Cancel Erase or reset content? Erase Are you sure you want to erase or reset the content of this {0}? Reset Examples {0} Category Load example {0} Export {0} Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Error: {0} ]]> Stopped saving
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Import {0} Author Author type Cancel Date Load {0} Load selected {0} Title Tool Type Refresh list New {0} {0} saved Load {0} Redo Refresh content {0} Cancel Replace existing resource? "{0}" does already exists. Do you want to replace it? Replace Save {0} Save as {0} Cancel Save changes? Discard Do you want to save your {0} changes? Save Cancel Overwrite updated stored {0}? The stored {0} has been updated. Are you sure you want to overwrite the stored updated {0}? Overwrite Cancel Enter name of {0} Download Save Save resource Enter name of new {0} Show model json Close {0} model json Refresh model json {0} {0} configuration Undo Redo Refresh resources Undo Error: {1} ]]> Error: {1} ]]> Error: {1} ]]> Error: {1} ]]> Error: {1} ]]> Error: {1} ]]> Error: {1} ]]> Error: {1} ]]> Resource list must be a json array Resource must have a content property Resource must have a metadata property Resource must be a json object Ask for feedback Can only ask for feedback in an ILS Withdraw request for feedback Cannot withdraw request for feedback Refresh feedback Show feedback Give feedback Ask for feedback Are you sure you want to ask for feedback? You can only ask for feedback once. Request Cancel Withdraw request for feedback Are you sure you want to withdraw your request for feedback? Withdraw Cancel Assigned feedback request Send feedback Send feedback Are you sure you want to send the feedback to your peer? Send Cancel Feedback A request for feedback has been assigned to you in the {0} in {1}. Your requested feedback has arrived in the {0} in {1}. App requires Learning Analytics Learning Analytics is not enabled in this ILS. Please enable Learning Analytics.

For instructions on how to do this, see the {0} web site.
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